Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For A Bowl Of Mee

Last year, I would go to the city roughly once a week for a nice dinner. 'Fancy Dinner Night' is usually on Saturday evening, after church service. Usually Uncle Billy's. However, since church service was moved to Sunday morning, I have yet to have a good meal in the city!

Uncle Billy probably spent the past few weeks with sleepless nights wondering what he could have said or done wrong to scare away his best customers.

Tonight, a few of us decided to have dinner in the city, 'just for fun'. But we didn't go Uncle Billy's, though. Yau Shu brought us to Hawker's Cuisine, because "their kolo mee tastes quite good."

Let this be a reminder to all of you who are back home enjoying cheap and tasty food.

Holy crap. Can eat 9 bowls of kolo mee back home.


It tastes nothing like kolo mee, by the way. -_-

Side Order: I survived The Great Perth Storm of 22/03/2010! I might blog about it... We'll see!

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~Laura~ said...

hey! i survive too! haha.. cheers! Lol