Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For A Bowl Of Mee

Last year, I would go to the city roughly once a week for a nice dinner. 'Fancy Dinner Night' is usually on Saturday evening, after church service. Usually Uncle Billy's. However, since church service was moved to Sunday morning, I have yet to have a good meal in the city!

Uncle Billy probably spent the past few weeks with sleepless nights wondering what he could have said or done wrong to scare away his best customers.

Tonight, a few of us decided to have dinner in the city, 'just for fun'. But we didn't go Uncle Billy's, though. Yau Shu brought us to Hawker's Cuisine, because "their kolo mee tastes quite good."

Let this be a reminder to all of you who are back home enjoying cheap and tasty food.

Holy crap. Can eat 9 bowls of kolo mee back home.


It tastes nothing like kolo mee, by the way. -_-

Side Order: I survived The Great Perth Storm of 22/03/2010! I might blog about it... We'll see!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camera Shy Part 5

Time for a filler post! Just some random photos from my one year in Perth =)

Laksa FAIL. This was our very first attempt at laksa. We bought the paste from a supermarket in Perth and then made the mistake of FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. Lesson: When it comes to cooking spicy food in Australia, don't follow their instructions. Will make the food taste like butter chicken mee instead.

And the cat is a Shaolin Grand Master.

A whiteboard in UWA dedicated to Chuck Norris facts. Only in UWA.

Fact: Chuck Norris has already been to Mars. That's why there are no signs of life there.

New method of releasing exam stress: compete with your friend on how many grapes you can stuff into your mouth. Jim here managed THIRTY! ... Li-Jin forever named this game "Chubby Bunny". Such a cute name XD

Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Tiny Thy Island

So I didn't tell anyone about my New Year Eve trip to Singapore.

Sorry guys! The trip was mostly unplanned and totally last minute! Some of my Singaporean friends were in Kuching the week before and they were talking about how everyone should meet up in Singapore. That night, I checked and saw that the air tickets were cheap-ish. The next day, I confirmed my half-day leave on New Year's Eve, a place to stay in Singapore and then proceeded to book my tickets. Trip was on Thursday. Booked tickets on Tuesday. There. That was how last minute it was!

The trip itself was okay. I mean, there's not much one can do in three days! There was Vera's countdown party, Marcus & Dorcas' wedding ceremony and Faith's BBQ party. And then there were the moments of fascination at how advanced Singapore is compared to Malaysia.

Any Malaysian (at least, anyone who grew up in Kuching) would agree that the public transportation here pretty much sucks. The condition of the buses are so bad that it makes you wonder if the buses can safely reach their destinations or not. As a result, everyone drives in Kuching. Most people here don't even know the bus routes! Then again, most Kuchingites don't even know their way around the Petra Jaya area -_-"

All my Singaporean friends use their public transportation to go places. Granted, driving in Singapore is similar to walking and paying for parking is similar to a meal in a good restaurant, but at least the quality of the public transportation makes up for this! Heck, I think that the public transport in Singapore is of almost similar level to Perth's. And considering Perth has one of the best public transportation systems around, that's saying a lot.

As I mentioned earlier, there wasn't much time to do much...

1. Orchard Road! This is a must for anyone visiting Singapore. I was there on the night of New Year and man... Really people mountain, people sea! And electricity must be really cheap or something because the light decor in Orchard Road is CRAZY. The whole length of Orchard Road is lit up by lamps and neons. They even have a building covered in LEDs that changes color every few minutes or so.

 2. The Esplanade. And the famous durian theatre ^^

3. Bread + Ice-cream. Not that uncommon la, really. But the Singaporeans were proud to tell me that this is "part of their street culture". So I tried it. And it's good. But messy!

4. Durian puff. Heavenly! The durian filling is warm, sweet and creamy. Arguably comparable to a freshly-opened durian! Found in Jurong Point.

5. Doraemon guitar. No kidding. Cuteness to the max. Any guitarist using it automatically earns the Cute title.